Phil Vincent- "Today,tomorrow, yesterday"

Phil Vincent- "Today, tomorrow, yesterday"

Surprising uplifting and fresh sounding, the new, 22nd studio work of Phil Vinsent captured my attention. From the deeply moving opener "Loss Pt1:Hole in my heart" to the BEATLESesque "Same mistake' is a truly remarkable album. Catchy melodies, spot on choruses, a smooth, velvet voice and guitars, lots of guitars in the finest of the US hard rock tradition. 
Imagine a combination of WINGER, BEATLES, ENUFF Z NUFF, STYX, Mike Tramp blended with a modern edge. The album is a powerhouse of melody and emotional fireworks and allows the listener to enjoy some quality melodic hard rock, with no compromises. It stands out in these years of corporate, generic hard rock.The album closes with the same deeply emotional tribute to loss with "Loss Pt2:One day we'll meet again", a piano led emotional charged ballad.


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