Phil Vincent-"Stigmata"


Phil Vincent-"Stigmata"

Modern sounding hard rock from a truly underrated artist. A mix between SURVIVOR, KANSAS and partly STYX with a polished production and from the opener "No end in sight" you have the pomp AOR we loved in the early 90s with some astonishing guitar work, reminiscent of George Lynch fretboard fireworks. 'Darkness" comes as the full flesh, beating anthem that desires airplay, with a "Runaway' era BON JOVI introduction based on the guitars riff until it breaks in a SAVATAGE style power ballad, astonishing us with the diversity of the songwriting, a truly emotional and grandiose song."Time" is a mre radio friendly, BEATLE-esque moment with some beautiful  vocal harmonies. You would expect an artist being tired and repetitive at his 23rd solo release, but the help of guitarist Vince O'Regan (ESCAPE,PULSE, KOOGA, ALIBI,EDEN,LEGION) adds this extra salt and pepper to the always creative Vincent."My life" is a stormy rocker and as most of the album's songs start with a heavy solo preparing the ground for the vocals. "It don't matter anymore" has a hint of FOREIGNER but in reality, is a high emotional charged mid tempo song where keyboards make the difference along with the great drumming by Max Piccolo. 
"Hideaway" is among the more heavy rockers of the album, with some battering rhythmic parts and Vincent just screams his heart out, in pure melodic rock style. 'So tired' is another example of how decent melodic/FM rock songs must be written and performed, then sung in an arena full of lighters (ok cell/smart phones for the 00 generation). "Don't turn your back" has a Dio feeling, if he ever wanted to conquer the airwaves."BEATLES are again present in a very good cover of "Eleanor Rigby", a song that as Phil says describes humanity of today, more accurate then ever."Reason to believe '' is the closing , contemporary sounding, track to a very good modern and at the same time based on the roots melodic rock album. 

Phil Vincent along with O'Regan delivers an album that should be at the list of the top melodic albums for 2021, but as we all know life aint fair, at least he is persistent and productive and we support his artistic dream.

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